Accurate. Efficient. Perfection.

  • Stereolitography technology
  • Ideal for professional applications
  • High printing quality
  • National technology
Printing Volume

125x125x100 mm

Accuracy up to

25 microns



R$32.000,00 R$19.798,90
12x of R$1.649,91 without interest

3D Printer - SL1

Meet the SL1

Give Wings
To your

3D Priting with
SL Base's Technology

Pioneer in Brazil, stereolithography technology (SL) allows to manufacture pieces of very high precision, being able to reach up to 25 microns of geometric precision.

Removable Base

The SL1 makes it easy to remove parts and maintain the printer with an easy-to-remove print base.

Control Panel

Through a control panel installed in the equipment it is possible to control all the actions of your printer without the necessity of connection with the computer, giving greater autonomy and freedom to the use of the equipment.

Resin for Printing

Available in 4 color options, Cliever resins allow the creation of high quality parts, precision and with working temperatures up to 100ºC.


Cliever Studio 5.0

By purchasing a 3D Cliever printer you will have access to the exclusive Cliever Studio software, We are the only manufacturer of printers in Latin America to invest in the development of its own software platform, with it we can guarantee a one-time experience!


It is possible to perform complex operations with simple commands.


With just a few clicks you rotate, reorient, resize and duplicate your 3D models.


Work with any 3D modeling software like Solid Works, Blender, PTC CREO, AutoCAD, 3D MAX, Rhinoceros, SketchUp, among many others.


Find out how much it will cost and how long it will take your printing before even starting the process, allowing the generation of automatic printing service budgets.

Cliever Technical Assistance

Count on the direct assistance of the manufacturer. At Cliever you are entitled to several exclusive and differentiated services:

  • Access to a team of specialists always ready to assist you
  • Unlimited phone and WEB support
  • Technical delivery service*
  • Extended warranty
* By hiring
Impressora 3D - SL1
Impressoras 3D

Impressora 3D - SL1

REF. 004/2016



12x of R$1.649,91 without interest

Modelo: SL1
Tecnologia: SL (Estereolitografia)
Volume de Impressão: 125mm (L) x 125mm (P) x 100mm (A)
Resolução/Altura de Camada: 30um
Material de Impressão: Resinas Cliever
Dimensões da Máquina: 410mm (L) x 353mm (P) x 365mm (A)
Garantia: 1 Ano
Alimentação: Bivolt (127V/220V) automático
Potência: 360W

Texto para garantia e suporte.

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